META can meet any type of needs,
from the project to the finished product.

The processing is carried out by means of motorised lathes, with axis Y or by means of 4-axes horizontal and vertical machining centres. Our twenty years’ experience allows managing single components or medium-size batches with the same organisation. Upon request, we provide the finished component, whatever the processing may be.

The management technology and the organisation based on large firms’ model make META an atypical supplier of the sector. The critical capacity of the components to be processed and the attention that we draw on the optimisation of the process give the opportunity to the customer to seek advice for the industrialisation of the product, already from the design stage. The accurate implementation of ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 standards represents a guarantee for the whole production cycle.


Expertise and professional commitment

The experience of our trained staff, supported by the best 2D and 3D CAD-CAM software, is able to meet and optimise the requests of the customer, by industrialising the product, when possible and when requested. Furthermore, also the design and the construction of the equipment of workpiece grip are carried out inside our plant.



The CNC milling is carried out by means of three horizontal pallet changer machines (two, three and fourteen pallets) and fixe vertical machines, two of which are equipped with Pallet Changer and other two are equipped with the continuous fourth axis for more complex processing. Inside the new hangar, a new horizontal multi-pallet machining centre and the first 5-axes machining centre will integrate the existing milling machines. Our instruments



Turning is carried out by means of 20 CNC lathes, 4 of which are equipped with motorised turrets and axis Y, and other 14 are equipped with motorised turret. Thanks to the high flexibility of our machines, we can meet the different market needs by using always the most suitable machine, from the smallest (spindle Ø 210 stroke 500mm) to the biggest one (spindle Ø 400 stroke 2000mm). Moreover, 4 machines are equipped with follow or fixed rest. Our instruments


The Cut

In order to ensure the traceability of the product from the beginning of its process and to speed up the production cycle, we can count on the use of two numerical control automatic saw machines of latest generation, in addition to the classic semi-automatic band or circular saw machines for any type of needs.



With the objective of supplying a complete product, meeting the needs of our customers and drastically reducing the processing times, we are equipped with a laser marking machine that can mark almost every type of material. Thanks to the available software programmes, we are able to convert every type of file into the most suitable one for the marking machine.


The Prime Contractor

The well-organised structure of META allows supplying always a finished product to the customer. Our distributors are all trained according to the quality system and allow performing different type of operations, such as gears, heat treatments, grinding, welding or surface and aesthetic treatments. META is also capable to perform deliveries of the material in Italy and abroad.


  • 45% steel

  • 40% cast iron

  • 5% stainless steel

  • 5% aluminum

  • 5% other


Via Perossaro, 1374
41038 San Felice sul Panaro (MO) Italy
Ph: +39 0535 85273 - Fax: +39 0535 85201


6 Horizontal Machining Centres
8 Vertical Machining Centers
28 motorized lathes
9 lathes equipped with Y-axis
800 certified measuring instruments
6 CAD/CAM stations


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